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What is soffit? Illustrated in the diagram to the right it is the underside of the overhang. We typically use the same trim color as your fascia for this portion of your home. Below are samples of the different venting styles of soffit panel we recommend using one or the other since this is a crucial part of your roof ventilation system normally the intake. And would strongly discourage the use of a non venting soffit We generally use aluminum soffit panel but there is a vinyl soffit panel as well. Soffit Fascia Diagram
Center Vent Soffit

12" Wide Center-Vented Soffit Panels– (192 Sq. Ft./ 16 panels per box-12' Length)
Soffit Panel

Siding Trim Pieces

Siding Inside Corner Inside corner post: is used for inside corners. Provides a channel for the siding to fit into -1 3/8" Inside Corner Post- 10' Length (240 ft./ 24 pcs. per box) Inside Corner Dimensions
Siding Outside Corner Outside Corner Post: Obviously for outside corners - 3" Vinyl Outside Corner Post- 10' Length- (100 ft./ 10 pcs per box) Outside Corner Dimensions
Siding J Channel J-Channel: Is used for trim around windows doors etc.. it provides a channel for the siding to but up against or fit into. - 5/8" Flexible Vinyl J-Channel– 12' Length- (216 ft./18 pcs per box) J Channel Dimensions
Siding Starter Strip Starter Strip: is used to start the first row of you siding it must be level and should be put on your home all the way around prior to installing any siding. It provides a lock for the first row of siding 10' Length (500 ft./50 pcs. per box) Siding Starter Strip Drawing
Siding Finish Trim Vinyl Under Sill Trim: Is Used to hold your vinyl siding in place under windows, top row of siding, and hard to get to areas. Provides a lock for top row of siding. 12' Length- (288 ft./24 pcs per box) Siding Under Sill Trim Drawing
 Soffit Channel or F Channel F-Trim - Soffit Channel: Generally this used to hold your soffit panel on the wall side - 12' Length (336 ft./28 pcs. per box) Siding Dimension F Channel

Mini Mount Siding Water FaucetMini Mount ElectricVinyl Mini Mount for Exterior
For flush mounting short wire electrical outlets and water spigots  5" x 6 ¾"

Light Block Master MountVinyl Mount Master for Exterior Light Fixture
For mounting exterior fixtures on vinyl or aluminum side wall or soffits where a low profile is desired- 7 1/4" x 8"

Fresh Air Intake VentSiding Exhaust Vent Vent Kit Cover for Vinyl Siding
5.5625" x 5.625" Comes with two separate detachable covers and aluminum insert tube. Exhaust pictured on left Intake pictured on right.